Online Dating Profile – Top 7 Assumptions about You

  1.  No Picture – Either you’re hiding something (married or whatever) or you’re the fat guy who selected the “Athletic” option to see what he could catch.
  2. One Line Messages – You just looked at the pictures and that’s all. Also you really don’t have much to say because you didn’t read or want to read the profile.
  3. Pictures vs. Profile – You say you don’t party anymore, yet your pictures are all party pictures? Really?
  4. Old Pictures – If it’s 2012 and your picture has a date stamp of 2009 and before… it’s old. There’s a good chance you don’t look like that anymore. (Gained or lost weight, haircut, etc)
  5. Activity – You say you like to be active but you list all the shows you like to watch on a weekly basis. Really, who are you kidding..?
  6. Type/Talk to Text – Do you talk like you text? If you have a keyboard with all the letters…wouldn’t it make sense to use them? (side note: Do you purposely leave the “h” off of “with”? Misspelling a word to make it look how you say it does not make you seem intelligent..sorry..
  7. You live Where? – People who message people hours away to meet but have no means of transportation. Have you seen the price of gas lately? Let’s be realistic.


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One response to “Online Dating Profile – Top 7 Assumptions about You

  1. Great post… How about adding the one about guys who’s profile pic is a sunset, or a waterfall, or their dog? It makes me feel like they’re trying to send out subliminal messages, like “see how romantic I am?” Meanwhile, they’re probably first cousins with Charles Manson.

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