Mr. Tall Tales

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

We all know someone who tells a story where you can believe most of what they are saying but not all. There is always that little embellishment at the end that totally makes you think, “yeah, right.” You smile, and nod and maybe pretend that you’re wowed, while you’re thinking, “this person is full of shit!”.

This brings me to the man who I like to call Mr. Tall Tales. We met on the dating website Plenty of Fish. Although only separated for 6 months, I took the plunge and decided to give this man a chance. We chatted on the site for a bit before exchanging numbers. As I work long shifts it took about a week before we could get together for a coffee.

Upon meeting,  the conversation went well and he definitely had the gift of gab. I like that in a man….if I can believe what they are saying. It wasn’t until we got to a subject I knew a lot about that I started to notice something was odd about this guy. We have the same cell phone, same carrier….and he tried to tell me that he had a version of the phone that I know for a Fact is not available here. (I had wanted it myself.) I asked to let me see his phone so I can verify what he said but also if it were true, I wanted to see the phone in action. He then quickly changed the subject.

There was also the seemingly tall tale when it came to the subject of my car. I had mentioned I needed a certain part for it and about the expense of it. Mr. Tall Tales insisted that he could get that part for a low price…so low that I couldn’t even get that price at the wreckers. (I know, I called every one of them in the area.) Rather than tell him I don’t believe some of the things he says, I just left it. If he truly wants to believe what he’s saying, pointing out isn’t going to do anything to change it.

All in all this man seemed super nice and friendly, but I think we all have come across something or someone who seems too good to be true. The sad part about that, it usually is.

If it’s so easy for him to lie about small things, what else is he or could he be lying about? Was he even really separated? etc, etc…


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