You’ve Met Someone Decent, Now What?

To Unplug the Dating Profile or not?You’ve talked to someone and finally had your first meeting. Everything seems to have gone smoothly and you both express that you want to see each other again. What do you do now?

I ask this question because you still have the account on the dating site. Most likely when you log in you will be able to see if the other person has logged in and vice versa. You may have logged in to hide your profile because you’re happy about meeting that person. Why has the other person logged in? To do the same? To talk to other people they might be interested in? Would it seem like one is moving too fast if they instantly delete their profile after a first meeting?

This is something that is hard to determine since you know you have just met and there is no commitment. You hope that the person liked you as much as you liked them. This is where you feel like a kid again by the way. Despite being an adult, the same things we wondered about our crushes when we were young, still happens when we grow older.

In this age of technology, we hear of people cheating on spouses with people they have met online or meeting lots of people for sexual purposes. That being said, even the most secure person will wonder about this new person they have met. Are they telling the truth or are they lying? How do we know?

If we know enough about the person then we could use some sleuthing techniques like creeping their Facebook(assuming their privacy settings aren’t set too high) or Googling their name. This appears slightly like stalker behaviour but what you’re really doing is reading information that this person has already published about themselves. The only reason why you after specifically looking for this information is to find any red flags that would result in you not wanting to pursue anything further.

An example of this would be a man that told me that he did not have a criminal record. Yet, upon creeping his Facebook Wall I found that he had recently been released from a provincial jail and was still being remanded into custody on weekends…. Umm, no thanks.

I digress….

I pose the question to whoever reads this:

What do you think the proper way of handling this situation where you have met someone you like that you have met online?


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