I’ll screw you if you can spell…

grammar-spelling-benefit-cosmetics-ecards-someecardsI saw this ecard and I just about spit out my coffee. Not because it’s true but I it raises some issues that come up when it comes to meeting people online.

I’m sure we’ve all had the messages where the person can’t spell even the most simple words right or they appear drunk. Although messages after 1AM might very well be alcohol induced.

I have found I absolutely pay more attention to someone who can send a nice message without my having to decipher what has been typed. Even if I’m not interested I will reply back thanking them for the nice message.

The sad part about this detail is that the person who sends this message might in person actually be articulate. In a real conversation you can’t see how someone spells what they are saying. For this reason I have taken to looking at certain aspects of a person before trying to judge their text too much, namely their location, if they have a job and if they are hot enough. Since if they are hot we all tend to forgive some faults. Yes, I said it.


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