Let’s Chill!

Totally agree with this entry and felt the need to reblog.

I commented: “I reblogged this. I totally agree and so tired of the “hang out” vs “an actual date”. I can understand a first meeting being just a coffee…but why after meeting does it have to go straight to “watching a movie” instead of out on a date? Ugh I blame easy women making it harder for the rest of us.”


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  1. I hate the term “hang out” too and to speak from the male dating perspective it happens to us too. I went out on a date once to have her message me the next AM and ask in my mind if that was a “DATE date” and what made me think that as she was just “hanging out”. I responded “it may have been the part where you gave me your number, told me to call you, I called you, asked you out, the dinner, the drinks, the walk to your car and the kiss part you initiated and the part where you told me to call you again…”

    After that experience I make it crystal clear to a lady that when I am asking her out it is a D-A-T-E, “date”, even a few times going so far as to say “just to be clear Im asking you out on a date.” I don’t do and will not do the “hang-out” thing, I haven’t hung out with anyone since I was 12 years old. To me if baffles my mind where this “hang out” mentality has come from to muddy the dating waters.

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