Insanely Happy – A slightly Psychotic poem

Not quite sure when I wrote this poem but I’m guessing it was around 2004/05. I was going through my first divorce. I definitely must have been feeling some intense emotions when these words materialized as they did. It’s a bit unpolished and the timing is a little off. That being said, I give you:

Insanely Happy

I watch your funny face,
But your face doesn’t make me laugh,
You know what it is, and so do I,
It’s that knife stuck in your back.

Your blood makes me giggle,
As it trickles to the floor,
I believe that you are history,
A text of forgotten lore.

I do not smile often,
But this I will admit,
Deserves a smile, maybe more,
As you gush a little bit.

What is my murderous motive?
A believable last thought, I think,
Justice for me and no one else,
You’re too thoughtless to make a link.

They say pure joy and happiness,
Is thought to be very rare,
A sly smirk upon my face,
We’ve seen who likes a scare.

In conclusion, I have won,
I’ve truly solved this case,
I’ll see you in hell,
I watch your funny face.

Copyright The Woman Behind sofreespirit80


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