Part 3 – That One Who Got Away

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a rebound when it comes to this man. Again.

I finally thought to ask him how long he has been single and how long he was with his last girlfriend. Single 3 weeks and was with her for 6 months. Ugh.

No question, I am the rebound. Why does this keep happening? I think I have an idea as to why and I’ll be addressing this in another post.

The main reason for this post is an update for people who were wondering about this guy….along with me. I’ve determined that (after two 12hr shifts of thinking) that I am indeed his rebound and that I refuse to be as such. I absolutely refuse to be a “temp” woman until he finds someone closer. This isn’t negative, it’s realistic…and kinda what happened before.

So, I’ve told him all this….since we aren’t dating. I’ve thrown all my shit out there for him to see.

On to the next…


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