He Has A Pinky Penis

There is obviously a link somewhere between men showing a woman they don’t know their penis and their self-esteem. That being said, I think a lot of guys need to be more careful about where and when they upload these pictures.

An example of an OOPSY: This has happened twice that I’ve seen. A man uploads a pic of his erect penis WITH his face in the picture and forgets to click that he wants it as Private. Pardon the pun. 😉

I noticed the first one because I had been talking to him on and off for a week. In the mobile app it showed that he lived close and he seemed nice. I had complained to him about penis pictures and how a lot of men only seem to want one thing. I can’t remember why I checked his profile again….but when I did I got a Big surprise. I promptly gave him royal shit because he obviously didn’t upload it for my benefit…which makes me wonder how many women did he have on the go? Ugh. Block – Delete.

The second one made the same OOPSY but this one surprised me….with his size. He had sent me a couple of messages but he behaved like a cocky bastard. (Puns are just too easy here.) I only replied out of boredom. He told me he could ‘rock my world’ and I wouldn’t walk right for days. Yes, this is where you roll your eyes because I sure did. However upright and forthcoming he was, he was still very handsome, tall and obviously worked out daily. Upon checking his pictures out again one day I noticed a new one:

Bathroom picture, pants to his knees and shot close enough that you could see his face and his penis, which was erect…I think. Now I understood why he was so over the top. He was compensating for something that he was lacking. I’m sorry, size might not matter to some, but something the size of my pinky finger could never do it for me.

Poor unfortunate soul.



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2 responses to “He Has A Pinky Penis

  1. I just closed down my dating profile because I really cannot stomach another unwelcome penis photo … was pondering on completing a book of all the photos called. ..”All Penis Great and Small” – your pinky penis has a category to enter 🙂 x

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