I Think My Date Was Married

I recently had an amazing date with a man where I thought things might actually go somewhere. It was a first date but actually the second time meeting each other. The first was a quick hour long walk with coffee just to see if we could stand being around each other. He seemed guarded but still was able to participate in the conversation. We gave each other a hug when we went to leave.

It took a couple weeks to get together again due to work and family priorities. We planned to meet up after I was done work on a Saturday. We would text here and there and claimed he was shy about texting because he wasn’t sure when I was working/sleeping (I work night shifts half the time). I told him straight out that it didn’t matter since I would reply when I could and it wouldn’t wake me up if he sent one while I was sleeping.

We met a local restaurant, shared an appetizer and a couple drinks. He seemed a lot more at ease than he was the first time we met. We talked more in depth and laughed about silly things. In short, we got along quite well and I was having a good time. Leading up to that night I wasn’t really sure about him.

After the restaurant we decide to head over to Chapters. As we are almost to the front doors he says, “Wait a second, I have to do this.” He then pulls me into him for a super sweet and romantic kiss!?! I will have to say it felt like I was swept of my feet. There was people all around so it wasn’t like it was in some secret corner. I asked where that came from and he replied, “I just wanted to.” He smiled a sexy smile then continued into the book store and on with laughing and talking until the place closed.

We then headed over to a different restaurant to have another couple drinks. He ends up driving me home and we have another romantic goodnight kiss/kisses. I’m left in awe and thinking, WOW.

The next day I send a text after work saying, “I hope our late night didn’t throw off your whole day.” No response….at all. Hmm..

Two days go by and I send another, “It’s confirmed, you don’t have a attachment disorder. lol” …something we joked about since I had taken abnormal psychology in college and had met people with the disorder. No response, none, dead air. WTF?

Finally, after 6 days I send a message stating, “It appears you’re no longer interested. I really didn’t expect that. Have a good one.” No response. At this point I didn’t expect one but really…what the hell happened?

I will add this part. He’s in the military. Just moved to this area a few months ago, bought a house and has his son full time. I can understand if he’s busy but if he declares he has his phone on him 24/7 (as he knows I do too) then there is no reason why he can’t respond, interested or not. As I’ve stated in previous posts, I don’t usually date military men. If they get posted somewhere else I can’t go with them due to my children’s father being here. I figured that he should be here for at least 8 years…and my relationships don’t usually last that long anyway. (Laugh, it’s funny. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

What guy is all romantic, engaging and sweeps a woman off her feet then falls off the face of the earth? After much thought…..a Marriedย man. Now he did say he was separated for over a year….but now I’m wondering if he was just waiting for his wife to move to the area with him. Who really knows? At this point I don’t care anymore.

I took a few days to feel depressed about it because the man was really convincing. I thought I knew this game but apparently he found some new rules. I have deleted all his contact information so as not to be tempted to send any more messages.

As always, on to the next. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comments, suggestions, epiphanies on this are always welcome…or if something similar has happened to you…let me know and/or share this post!



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6 responses to “I Think My Date Was Married

  1. you dated a stranger person ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. He was so married. I’m a full time single dad, with a full time job, a part time job, and freelance writing job and I am NEVER EVER so busy that I can’t take 20 seconds to text back a lady I am interested in.

    • Thanks for the response. The whole thing was surreal. Should have known that when something seems to good to be true, it usually it is. As well, when I’m interested in someone I let them know. Not in the stalkerish way, but I keep talking with them even if I can’t see them all the time.

      • Well this may not help but this may make you laugh. I refilled my contact lens prescription, got a haircut, ironed a shirt, and bought new razor blades to shave today and my date showed up for our first date today wearing sweats, a hoodie and UGGS. Sighh……

      • wow, not good. I tend to go in the middle. Won’t go as a rockstar like if I was going dancing, but won’t go super comfy.

  3. That totally sucked! I kinda had the same experience. The part I hate the most is when you try not to get too emotional by thinking you finally found some one good. But you do only to be let down in their lie!

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