The Exes Factor

A few weeks ago I learned that my most recent ex (of 2.5 years ago and the father of my son) had broken up with his girlfriend. I learned this from my 4 year old son as I was giving him a bath one night. Just out of the blue, no probing….since I would normally care less.

A week later guess who appears on the dating site that I frequent. Yep, you guessed it. The ex. Ugh. Of course, since I’m not totally unfortunately looking, he views my profile. Perfect.  To my surprise and dread, I get this message from him:

Him: “Hey, you look really good in your pictures and I like what you wrote in your profile. No, I’m not stalking you, just saying.”

Me: “Thanks, blocking you now.”

Now the stalking comment came from when he texted me an hour before that about seeing my picture but didn’t click on it. I had told him I don’t care if he clicked on it because at least my profile was honest. I had viewed his and had a good laugh..especially at the part where he states he’s a good listener……..yeah, right. Anyways…

Exes are exes for a reason. When I told my friends about this they asked if I would get back together with him. WHAT? Do they not remember what kind of hell I went through when we split? To save writing a bunch of drama it was a resounding HELL NO!

I will admit that I did like that he thought I looked good. Who wouldn’t? But any good thoughts stop there. He is a good dad but was a horrible husband. He jumped right into a relationship(with someone Way younger) a month after we split and I’ve been pretty much single the whole time. I guess it’s hard to trust someone new when you’re too busy looking for red flags the last relationship raised.

Has anyone else had this happen before? If so, how did you handle it? Comments always welcome!



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One response to “The Exes Factor

  1. My friend and her ex are on the same site. She says that they just keep their distance, but they have “viewed” each others profiles. 🙂

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