No Way Christian Grey!

As most of you know I tend to write about the people I meet from online dating. Most of which are bad. As of late I’ve taken a bit of a break. This is partly due to the holiday season and also due to there really not being much out there. That being said, I found it necessary to update my profile on Plenty of Fish (POF) with the following 3 things:

1. If your picture most recent picture is more than 3 months old…then you don’t have a recent picture. I update mine all the time and as you can see, for the most part I don’t change except my hair colour.

2. If we start talking and we end up adding each other to Facebook…the last thing I or anyone else wants to see in someone to date is pictures of you and your ex….ESPECIALLY wedding pictures. I’m not saying delete them entirely. Keep them on your computer for your kids if you have to. It makes one wonder if you’re really ready to start something new if you’re holding onto the past.

3. I do not want to hear about or read about how you are like “Christian Grey”….especially if you say you are looking for a relationship. Yes, I have read the book…but I also found the male lead to be a controlling ass who is emotionally unavailable. That being said, being like that character is not something that will get my attention.

It may seem like I’m a bit bitchy when it comes to these updates but seriously I really don’t think I’m too off base in my “helpful advice” and intentions.

Questions and comments always welcome. 🙂


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