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Part 4: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

I want to go back to the part where I said my mind was reeling over the last day and couple weeks. It was right after he had shown a pic of him and his ex together and proclaimed that he thought I looked like her. It’s easier and faster to kind of look at it in flack backs.

After I had added him to Facebook he mentioned to me he liked my older pictures where my hair was lighter. I didn’t think anything of if since I like my hair better that way too.

A week before I was to arrive in Ottawa I tried to lighten my hair with a box dye because I really wasn’t digging the dark brown. It didn’t work and I told him this.

Almost the first thing Sam said to me when I arrived was, “Your hair doesn’t look like it’s lighter.”

……….guess who else has lighter hair? Hmm…yep.

I’ve tried to bounce this off some people I know, mainly men at work or male friends. Most of them think the pic is ok UNTIL I tell them Sam only dated the chick for 3 months (until he caught her cheating) 2 years ago. Then they start thinking it’s a little fucked up. One male even commented that he thought it sounded like Sam was trying to relive his memories with me.

Then we add in the strange conversation about his banging an old woman…which I’m starting to think didn’t happen last Christmas, rather the one that had just passed. Who really knows and I’m Not going to ask. As well as the “turning me on” comment and evidence of it at the POF event. That was just wrong on so many levels.

You all who read this, I really want to know what you think about this.


As I ended Part 3 I mentioned I hadn’t heard from Sam in a couple days. I was letting things settle yet I missed him. I was seriously weighing the pros and cons and wondering if I had over-reacted. I cared about him but did I just feel sorry for him or did I want to be with him? He truly does want a relationship with someone and eventually have a child….but it’s not going to be with me.

The first text from his is a picture of a snack we had talked about at one point but wasn’t too familiar with it. A bit random..but I guess he’s good at that.

I was busy making cookies with my son so my answers were short. I’m guessing he was taking my short answers as being too serious as he tells me “sometimes ur to serious” and that he was “just making a suggestion”.

“I’m too serious. Nice.” I replied.

“Just being honest, u need to relax and mellow out a bit.” I’m annoyed.

I reply, “Do we really want to start listing flaws?” I’m trying to be civil and it looks like he’s trying to pick a fight.

“It seems to me u like to dish it out but u dont like hearing it. So if it makes u feel better than Go for it, but u would only be validating my comment sweetie ;)”

Sweetie… he knows I don’t like that. I prefer someone to use my name. He’s acting like a jerk on purpose so I ask the next logical question.

I text, “Are you drunk?”

“Haha, nope! But nice come back…”

Ok, I’ve had enough. I didn’t ask for this. I’ll give him what he wants so he can have a reason to hate me.

“Ahh, so this why people block you after the fact. You turn into an ass. I had hoped to remain friends but I guess not.” We all know I could have said A LOT worse!

“U just couldnt help ur self now could u. How would u know, did u stock everyone ive been chatting with?”

I’m guessing this is in reference to me checking out the welfare bum he dated back in September. It was on his Facebook and he kept mentioning her all the time..and Not the same one he compared me to. I told him I looked and was honest about it.

“Are you done?” I replied.

“No, one last thing. Drop ur bitchy attitude and maybe u have a decent relationship…now i am done. Don’t txt me unless u want to apologize for over reacting!!” And there it is…

“Good luck in the future,” I reply.

End Drama. Please. I checked Facebook and he had already blocked me. Cool. I won’t be subjected to anything on there.


When I first met him I kept wondering how he was single. He has a decent personality, he looks good, works out, works for the government, his own place and car. What is wrong with this man?

I get it. I SO Get It.


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Part 3: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

I’m pretty quiet on the bus ride to the area where the POF event is being held. We get there and as I mentioned in my review of the event, it was PACKED! The first thing I did was get a drink, a wonderfully made Caesar, of which was gone in probably a minute. I get another, Sam has his beer and we find a spot to stand near the dance floor.

I’m starting to get into the music a bit and trying to forget the bullshit from earlier. I explained in the review that it was an older crowd at this event. Most of which were a lot older than us. There were some tables close to us and at one of them has a couple making out. The couple looked to be in the early 60s.

If one were to describe them I would accept sweet or cute. Sam turns to me and says, “That’s turning me on.”

I laugh and say, “You’re joking right?”

He says, “I’m not joking, ” and points down to the front of his pants. Oh my god…I’m not drunk enough for this.

Where the hell did the sweet, caring, NORMAL man go that I had initially met? All of a sudden he’s showing pics of other chicks, banging biddies, comparing me to an old ex, and being turned on by people who could be my grandparents? Am I being Punked? Seriously! Where is the freakin’ camera?

I slam back my second drink and get another. It’s while waiting on my third drink that I overhear the conversation I mentioned at the end the review I wrote in another post. Sam had gone to check out some of the art work (which was actually quite decent) and I went back to our spot. All of a sudden he comes back and and says, “Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“This chick took a sip of my beer and gave me a kiss.”


Then he proceeds to try and make out with me right then and there. Umm…no. I have no desire for this man to touch me. No way!

After this I start thinking that perhaps the reason he wanted me to come this event was to show the Ottawa women that he could get chick. The alcohol is not helping to quell my anger. Well duh. I find myself getting more and more pissed off. I knew I had to leave. We had only been there for about an hour but end up staying for 2 hours. We did slow dance to a couple dances and he held onto me as if it were the last thing he was going to do. I didn’t know if he was showing off or was just that into it.

The bus ride back was very quiet. If I had not been drinking that night I would have driven the 3 hours home. I changed into my pajamas (which I hadn’t worn all weekend so far) and sit on the couch expecting to talk.

Sam changes as well then picks up his cat, sits down beside me and says in his high pitched baby talk voice, “CatsName, how can we make MyName feel better?” More than once he said this as I refused to respond to a grown man who wasn’t actually talking to me.

We went to bed. I shared his bed but I would not let him touch me. I laid there until almost 5am thinking about everything. Sam has issues. Multiple underlying issues.

In the morning Sam gets up before me and makes coffee but doesn’t seem to want to talk about the night before.

I speak up and say, “Are we going to talk about last night like adults?”

And so we talk, kind of. He’s stuck on how he doesn’t understand why I’m upset about the ex comparison. Twice during the conversation he had to go to the bathroom but I don’t really think he was actually using it. From other conversations we had had about his work and from the one I was trying to have with him I definitely felt Sam has an issue with face to face confrontations. I wasn’t raising my voice and I had him confirm that I wasn’t.

As much as my mind kept wanting to focus on the bad I tried to compliment him as well. I told him I appreciated all the things he did like cooking and that I thought he was a terrific lover. I just can’t get passed all the weird shit that had happened that weekend. I even left/hid $100 in cash under his clothes to help pay for all the extra groceries, etc that he had bought for my arrival.

When I went to leave I did give him a hug and a kiss. I was sad and still am since I had started caring for Sam. He said he hoped I would change my mind once I had more time to think about it all. Later that night I logged into POF because I had gotten a message from that guy I mention in the review. I also saw that Sam was online. I deleted my account. I didnt/don’t want to deal with that crap right now.

He wished me Happy Birthday on Tuesday morning, my actual birthday. I thanked him and that was the last I heard from him until today. It had been 2 days since my birthday. I had missed our communication but I wanted to let things settle before I sent a message.

Sam’s attitude was a bit different this time though…

Click HERE for Part 4, last one I swear!


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Part 2: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

The big weekend finally comes and we are both super excited. I arrive shortly after 5pm on the Friday and everything seemed as it should. Sam cooked me dinner and even baked a pie, store bought, but still, the thought is what counted here. He had even picked up a case of 4 of my favorite vodka coolers.

I have to mention that Sam has a cat. He is very fond of his cat and I think he may spend a little to much time alone with him. To the point where he may baby talk in a high pitched voice to the cat A LOT. It was something I tried to ignore and thought maybe he was just trying to get the cat to be comfortable with me being in his apartment. Maybe…

After dinner we decide it would be fun to visit the Adult Fun Superstore (AFS) as I had never been to one before. We probably spent a good hour browsing the store and I was quite surprised at how busy it was on a snowy Friday night in Ottawa.

After getting back we settled in for a cozy night together. I got into the coolers and Sam into his beer. We got to talking about the POF event he suggested we go to. He told me he went to the one in December because he was meeting someone there. He said it was lucky for me that it didn’t work out because he was able to meet me. He then pulled out his phone and proceeded to show me the woman’s picture. Hmm…odd. I shook it off because the pic was on POF, not on his actual phone. We had both hidden our profiles at this point but not yet deleted them. We had talked about it though.

The next morning Sam made breakfast for us and we laid around until noon before getting ready to go out. The plan for the afternoon was go skating on the canal but the weather wasn’t co-operating. It was a mix of rain and snow. Yuck! The hockey game Sam wanted to see was starting at 3:30pm and we were at the pub for 2pm. The place quickly was packed with hockey fans. Many drinks were had although I never really got drunk due to how busy the place actually was. I guess I could have ordered two at a time but that wouldn’t have been very classy, now would it? 😛

Now, speaking of class. At one point Sam turns to me during one of the intermissions and asks, “What’s the oldest you’ve been with?”

I reply, “Do you mean the oldest I’ve had sex with?”

He nods.

I reply, “36 or 37, I believe.”

“Oh,” then turns to watch the game.

You can’t just ask a question like that and leave it like that…so I ask…a couple times…what was with that? So I ask him, “What’s the oldest you’ve been with?”

He shakes his head as if he doesn’t want to answer.

I decide to throw a number out so I say, “50?”

He looks at me and gestures with his thumb pointing up, indicating older. Umm..what?

He never did give an exact age but I’m going to guess 55ish. He explained that he was lonely last Christmas and had gone to a bar for a few drinks. He met this woman and she was hot despite her age and ended up taking her home with him. Nice…

First off I’m wondering why I need to know all this. We’ve all had past lovers, but I really didn’t need to know this. Second, I’m a little grossed out, just a little. That was pretty freakin’ random…or so I thought.

We go back to watching the game and thankfully our food came around that time. I shook off the odd conversation and went back to having a good time. Senators won so everyone was happy and there were no riots in the street. I say that since the you could have sworn it was a play off game on how packed this place was!

We got back to his place approximately 7pm and as we’ve had drinks all afternoon we decide to have a little nap before the POF event. Nap, sex, whatever. It was all in there.

Later, we are showered and getting ready to go out, hanging around his computer listening to music on YouTube. We’re having a couple drinks and I see him clicking around on his desktop. He pulls up a picture of himself and another woman and says, “Hey, do you think you look like her?”

I don’t really want to ask this question but I have to, “Is she your ex?”


“No, I don’t think I look like her, ” I replied.

“Well, I think you do.”

What.The.Fuck!?! I’m thinking this isn’t really happening. No, he didn’t just do and say that. My brain kicks into overdrive and I start wondering if this whole time (the 8 months to a year we’ve been chatting on POF) that he’s thought I look like his ex and that’s the only reason why he wanted to meet me.

Ok, so I’m a little ticked off. I tell him that I didn’t think that was appropriate. Sam then tells me it’s his last ex from 2 years ago that he dated for only 3 months. (3 months!) He apologizes but he doesn’t see to understand why I’m upset.

I go and sit in the living room and pretend I’m checking Twitter on my phone. No, I’m actually reeling back the last day and couple weeks in my head…and I’m not happy with what I discover.

In this time he gets his coat and boots on because he thinks we’re still going out. I get the idea in my head that perhaps more alcohol will tame my exploding mind and ease my anger.

Yeah, that’s always a good idea….right? Wrong.

Click HERE for Part 3…

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Part 1: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

I was going to hold off on writing this post in hopes of salvaging a friendship. Sadly, the person I’m going to write about gave me the “go ahead” by telling me off via text message. It was unprovoked and quite juvenile.

Let’s start at the start:

Over the last 8 months or so (he said the last year so not sure) I had been contacted more than once by man who lives in Ottawa. This is approximately 3 hours from where I live. He had an interesting profile and he looked decent. We would chat a bit on Plenty of Fish(POF) but I would always dismiss him politely saying the distance was just too far. He would always joke that I should move there.

I’m going to call him Sam so I don’t have to keep calling him “this man.” Over the Christmas holidays Sam and I had started having brief chats again. Nothing too serious.

It’s New Years Day and my last guest had just left. I was thankful that the festivities from the night before did not leave me as hung over as I should have been. I decide I’m bored and feel like going on a road trip. I have a friend in Kingston (an hour away) who I have stayed with from time to time. I figured I would head in that direction and see what happens. I packed a backpack with my hair and tooth-brush as well as a change of clothes. I got in my car and drove.

It was then that I got a “Happy New Year” message from Sam on POF. My phone is equipped with speech to text so I was able to tell him that I was having a road trip and heading in his direction. Somehow I got it into my head to drive the 2hrs passed Kingston to Ottawa to meet Sam. I think it might have been the fact that it was a new year, new people, new…something. Or maybe I was trying to finally get Mr. Feeble Heart out of my system.

When I stopped for gas I sent my phone number to make speech to text easier. We arranged to meet at pub style restaurant to have dinner and drinks. I arrived a little after 6pm. I was thankful that Sam looked like his pictures after that long drive. We sat there and had a great conversation for over 3 hours. I liked him right away. It’s not very often someone can actually have a conversation!

It was about 9:30pm when Sam politely suggests that he doesn’t think I should drive home so late. To make a longer story short, I didn’t go home. I took his invitation to stay at his place. We watched Ted (hilarious btw) and talked even more. I may have taken the spirit of “new things” a little too far in that he didn’t sleep on the couch as originally planned. I was very pleasantly surprised in this department. 😛

The next day I left around noon as I had to work at 7pm. In my head I’m thinking that I’ll probably never hear from him again because…well…the night before…and we had just met…yeah…some regrets there. I was happily wrong.

He blasted my phone with texts in a good way from the time I said I was home until halfway through the night while I was at work and he finally went to bed. I was off the following weekend and we made plans for him to come to my home. The texts never felt like too much or too little. Just the right amount of communication. While he was here I made him dinner and we attended an OHL game for my local team (he’s a huge hockey fan). Despite the distance things seemed to be clicking very well….or so I thought.

My birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks and it was planned that I would come to his place for the weekend since my kids would be away. In that two-week wait we texted up a storm about what we would do. Everything from possibly skating on the canal, shopping and going out to a pub to watch the his favorite NHL team play their first game (as the NHL lockout was finally over). The only odd thing at that point was him suggesting we attend the Ottawa POF event the Saturday night. He said he had gone to one the month before and thought it was “pretty cool.” I initially said no but changed my mind as I thought perhaps I could write a review on it….of which I did here.

Needless to say I was very excited for this weekend……

Click HERE for Part 2 as this post is getting rather long.

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Review: Ottawa POF Event – Atomic Rooster

The weekend of January 18th to 20th I was in Ottawa, Ontario. I was there to initially celebrate my birthday and it was suggested for the Saturday night that I attend my first POF Event. I was wary but I decided that if it went badly that at least it was in a city where no one knew me . (…and 3 hours from where I live. :))

The first thing I did was check out the event details on Plenty of Fish (POF). I saw that you could “Join the Party” by clicking on a button to say you were going. I thought it would be a good idea to show that another person I was going to the event.  My profile was hidden so I thought that it would just show an increase in the number of people attending. I think that was a mistake. All of a sudden I started getting e-mails from POF saying I was being favorited by a bunch of Ottawa men. Pardon me? Upon logging in and checking the “Who’s viewed me” I saw a long list of Ottawa men had been able to view my profile despite that it was supposed to be hidden. I checked my settings and yes, it was still hidden to the rest of the world. Hmm…

I thought about not going to the event because of this. I decided to go due to thinking that perhaps this was part of the experience. I’ve never been to a party, dance, or event where I had fore-knowledge of everyone (men and women) who was going to be there.

The event was held at a small place called the Atomic Rooster and started at 9pm. I arrived with a male friend a little after 10pm. The place was PACKED! I was surprised since it was raining/snowing all day and still was at that point. It was hard to even find a place to stand let alone sit down. We got some drinks and finally wedged ourselves between the dance floor and seating around. By the way, both bartenders make good Caesars as I had 3 of them while I was there. 🙂

I noticed first thing that it was an “older” crowd. I say older since I was turning 33 in a couple of days and many of the people there were about 40+. There were some that were younger but I only know this due to having viewed their profile after the fact (and only because they had viewed mine).

The music was loud enough to feel the beat but not so loud that you couldn’t talk. They played a good mix older tunes (Bryan Adams) and new ones (Gangnam Style). The dance floor was never completely empty. I did notice the token “grazer” (as I call them) who asks every woman to dance or joins in on women dancing together. Us women know who I’m talking about. It’s the guy who’s looking for a lonely woman to take home with him and he’s at every bar.

It appeared that many of the people knew each other or were friends. On the dance floor there were equal amounts of small groups of singles to couples. One man had a birthday announced that was accompanied by a large birthday cake complete with candles. The woman who made the announcement said she had met her friend on POF. I thought it was a nice gesture and it added to the friendly atmosphere.

I did have one annoyance though but I won’t fault the event for it. I was waiting for the bartender to make my drink when I overheard a man at the bar talking to his friend. Considering he was only about 2 feet away it was hard not to hear him.

“There’s not a whole lot of good-looking women here. There’s one over there, and over other and one riiiiight heerreee.” (I spelled it that way because he said it that way, ugh)

I glanced over in that direction and he was looking right at me. Yep, he was talking about me. A normal person would have said hello, he did not. He continued to talk to his friend. However, he did send me a message on POF the next day telling me how beautiful my eyes were (in the half a second he saw them) and that he was too shy to talk to me. Lost opportunity bud! 

All in all the event was friendly, decent music, no lack of dance partners and no cover. That being said I probably wouldn’t go again unless I was a little older or if I was planning on meeting someone there.

Questions, comments and requests for elaborations always welcome. 🙂


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Man/Boy Peaked in School

I was reminded in a comment on one of my last entries about another man I had met when I was newly single.

We had chatted a few times via Plenty of Fish and decided to meet. The man lived in Kingston (approximately 45mins away) but also spent a lot of weekends in my area. He said it was to visit family and friends so he could keep in touch.

We met at a local Tim Hortons. First thing I noticed was that he didn’t really look like his picture. I was rusty at the whole dating thing but I should have known better when he only had one picture. The place was very busy so we decided to sit in his car. We got in and I noticed two big garbage bags in the back seat. I asked what that was about and joked about there being a body in there. He replied that it was his laundry. Hmm…

We chatted in his car for about 45 minutes, rather, I tried to chat with him. All this man could talk about was what he did in university. I would have understood if he had just graduated but that had happened 6 years prior. He had taken environmental sciences and even started to get into what types of experiments they had done. Snore… No, I didn’t ask about that. The whole time I was trying to make comments that would lead to a real conversation. It didn’t work.

To make a longer story short. The information I gleaned from this man is that he rents a room in Kingston from an old woman. He’s on his third internship in his field but it pays minimal. He comes home on the weekends because his mom does his laundry, cooks for him and sends him back with leftovers. That would be acceptable if the man was 24 or 25. He was 33.

(Recap about me: At this time I was 30, had owned a house for 9 years, had two kids, was going to college and had a job.)

It dawned on me that this man was acting like he was still in university, hence why it was all he could talk about. He didn’t seem to be taking life seriously at all. He seemed quite happy to let his mom take care of him and not try to get a better paying job. I think his internships fizzled out to no job because I think his bosses must have been the same thing I did in 45 minutes. He had no drive!

He asked me out again and I declined. I had no interest in taking the place if this man’s mom.

It’s over 2 years later and I still see this man on Plenty of Fish. He’s still using the same one picture that is now at least 4 years old.


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Intense Eyes, Feeble Heart


A few months ago I wrote a small series of posts about a man I called “The One Who Got Away.” I had finally concluded that I was a rebound and I was not happy about it. That being said, I still continued to see this man. He was so intense and I absolutely loved it!

In the 3 months we were seeing each other again we might have gotten together twice a month. He lived approximately an hour away and had his daughter most of the time. Usually he would come all the way to my city and to my house, or we would meet half way at a small town. As I have my kids half the time I offered more than once to drive the distance after his child went to bed. Basically if he could make time then I would take the distance. He never took me up on it.

About 2 months into it I became frustrated and finally sent a text saying:

“Look, if you’re interested, you’re interested. If you’re not, you’re not.”

I figured that would be the end of it because I know men do not like to be confronted like that. I don’t deal well with drama so I would be the last one to create it, normally. A couple of hours passed and I get a text from him saying:

“Do you want to go away to Niagara Falls with me?”

I was dumbfounded to say the least and got really excited. I started thinking that he really did want to be with me and it’s just the lack of time that was getting in the way.

The last time I physically saw him was the start of December when it was unseasonably warm. He took me shooting again but this time to teach me how to use a tactical shotgun. Afterwards we were sitting in his truck where he introduced a serious conversation.

“What is this?” he began while looking right at me. The man has intense blue eyes and when he looks at me I feel that he’s really looking at me.

“As I see it we’re just having fun,” I replied. 

He agreed and said he really liked spending time with me. At this point I’m thinking he’s “dumping” me……then he goes in a totally different direction. He goes on to tell me that he wants a positive female role model for his daughter and that he wants someone to be in his life. I basically agreed that I want the same things and it’s true, I do. He tells me he wants me to come to his place and spend the night there soon. I leave him thinking that things are finally going to progress further.

I thought wrong. I understand that Christmas is a busy time of year but if you can’t send a simple text message wishing someone Merry Christmas, then there is something wrong.

As December progressed the messages between us became few and far between. If there was an exchange it was because I started it. I invited him to my work Christmas party and at first sounded like he might be able to make it. There was a good band playing across the street from the party and I was hoping he would come be my dance partner. He didn’t make it. I was disappointed but still had a great time.

Holidays start and I hear nothing. Christmas comes, nothing. Finally Boxing Day I text:

“I hope you had a great Christmas. :)”

“Back at yah.” his reply.

………..Back at “yah”? Excuse my language but what the Fuck? This brief exchange cemented what I was already thinking….that he really didn’t give a shit about me. He was just dangling the proverbial carrot so I’d keep hanging on. I think this was very cruel of him.

Now I would not say I loved this man. I think over time it could have turned to that. I really liked him though. We had lots in common, we could do things together (shooting, rollerblading, etc) and we could talk. Not to mention that he had a job, his own place and was not addicted to drugs.

After the noodling this whole situation for a while I came to one conclusion. Either he was still with his girlfriend the whole time or he met someone closer to him. The latter was something I feared from the start. I had told him I refused to be a “temp” woman until he found someone closer. Either/or it would explain why I never did get to visit him at his house…or even knew where he lived. It would explain why he would come all the way here or we would meet half way. It explained a lot of things actually.

So, in short, I sent one last message. I asked him to DELETE all my contact info. I had let some time pass before sending that message. I didn’t hear anything back and I hope I never do. I have since deleted all his contact information as well.

It’s a new year now and things are looking good for the most part. I’ve met someone new and it’s at the stage where we are just seeing where things go. I’m very happy about it and welcome the fact that this man engages me in conversation and actually wants to see me despite living about 3 hours away! Perhaps someday I’ll write how we actually came to meet up when the distance is so great.

Don’t be discouraged from reading though, I have plenty of bad date stories I haven’t written about. I was recently reminded of one when someone commented on my last entry.

Comments, questions, insights are always welcome! 🙂


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I’m not Stupid…but what?

Im not Stupid, but

As I stated in my last blog (technically a reblog) I’ve been sick. My heart has been more in trying to get my butt to work and taking care of my kids. Not to mention forking over $900 to get my furnace repaired. I live it Ontario, Canada and it’s January…the furnace is definitely a priority.

In my writing absence I’ve been reading random blogs and trying to appreciate what others have to say. I’ve strayed from the normal topics I like to read about which are mainly dating and relationships. I’ve found some interesting blogs along the way.

One thing I don’t understand is the people who write blogs that no one understands except perhaps about 1% of the online population. It’s great that you have a “vast” vocabulary, but who really knows what you’re saying? If one has to google more than one word in your paragraph, perhaps it’s time to dial it down a notch.

I’m not a stupid woman. I am educated and graduated in the top percentage of my class. That being said, I write how I talk. I believe that if it’s easy to understand my writing then it helps in bringing people back to read more.

The same goes with someone’s dating profile. I have read profiles where I feel intimidated by the vocabulary used. I can’t tell if the man is trying to impress women with it or if they are trying to scare of people who aren’t educated. Either way, I think it’s a turn off. Why not be real?

Have you all ever encountered this vocabulary issue? Have you met the person and they actually talked that way?

As always, comments and answers to my question always welcome. 🙂


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Meet the men of Really, guys, are you serious?

I don’t usually reblog people but I felt this entry would fit well with my blog. Plus I’ve been too sick lately to write anything of substance. For your reading pleasure, I submit to my readers this hilarious blog entry from Scholars and Rogues.

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Online Dating

by Lisa Barnard

I’m turning 30 in a few months, and I recently realized I’m now at the age I made a lot of promises about in the past. One of those promises was that if I was still single at 30, I’d try online dating. I’ve had an onslaught of terrible dating experiences in the last year (including someone who turned out to be a drug dealer, someone who was mad I didn’t want to come hang out at his bedbug-infested apartment, and a commitment-phobe friend who constantly appears to be doing an uncanny Jekyll and Hyde impression).

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A Must Watch – eHarmony Parody

A couple friends and I were doing some pre-drinking on New Years Eve at my place before going out. We were listening/watching music videos on YouTube and drooling over some of the latest hot country stars out there (Eric Church= Yummy!!!) A male friend decided enough was enough and suggested we watch a video by one of his favorite comedians Jon Lajoie. We kind of rolled our eyes at him at first but within seconds of the video starting we were laughing our asses off!

I give you “Dating Service Commercial” by Jon Lajoie

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