I’m not Stupid…but what?

Im not Stupid, but

As I stated in my last blog (technically a reblog) I’ve been sick. My heart has been more in trying to get my butt to work and taking care of my kids. Not to mention forking over $900 to get my furnace repaired. I live it Ontario, Canada and it’s January…the furnace is definitely a priority.

In my writing absence I’ve been reading random blogs and trying to appreciate what others have to say. I’ve strayed from the normal topics I like to read about which are mainly dating and relationships. I’ve found some interesting blogs along the way.

One thing I don’t understand is the people who write blogs that no one understands except perhaps about 1% of the online population. It’s great that you have a “vast” vocabulary, but who really knows what you’re saying? If one has to google more than one word in your paragraph, perhaps it’s time to dial it down a notch.

I’m not a stupid woman. I am educated and graduated in the top percentage of my class. That being said, I write how I talk. I believe that if it’s easy to understand my writing then it helps in bringing people back to read more.

The same goes with someone’s dating profile. I have read profiles where I feel intimidated by the vocabulary used. I can’t tell if the man is trying to impress women with it or if they are trying to scare of people who aren’t educated. Either way, I think it’s a turn off. Why not be real?

Have you all ever encountered this vocabulary issue? Have you met the person and they actually talked that way?

As always, comments and answers to my question always welcome. 🙂



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4 responses to “I’m not Stupid…but what?

  1. Sean

    The furnace is definitely a priority. I’m from Ontario as well.

    Most of the profiles I come across don’t have a lot in them. I find that they’re a few sentences and that’s it. I get it, they use their pictures to do the talking. I appreciate a witty profile, even better if it’s written how they talk.

    On to your question. I have met someone who had a one of those profiles with fancy words in it. They turned out to be not that talkative in person. Obviously they could write, but they lacked the ability to converse well. It was kind of awkward.

    • Your comment actually reminded me of someone I met a couple years ago. The type that seemed over-educated. They man couldn’t seem to talk about anything other than what used to do in university. His social skills were definitely lacking. Perhaps ill expand on this in a new post. Thanks for the comment.

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