Man/Boy Peaked in School

I was reminded in a comment on one of my last entries about another man I had met when I was newly single.

We had chatted a few times via Plenty of Fish and decided to meet. The man lived in Kingston (approximately 45mins away) but also spent a lot of weekends in my area. He said it was to visit family and friends so he could keep in touch.

We met at a local Tim Hortons. First thing I noticed was that he didn’t really look like his picture. I was rusty at the whole dating thing but I should have known better when he only had one picture. The place was very busy so we decided to sit in his car. We got in and I noticed two big garbage bags in the back seat. I asked what that was about and joked about there being a body in there. He replied that it was his laundry. Hmm…

We chatted in his car for about 45 minutes, rather, I tried to chat with him. All this man could talk about was what he did in university. I would have understood if he had just graduated but that had happened 6 years prior. He had taken environmental sciences and even started to get into what types of experiments they had done. Snore… No, I didn’t ask about that. The whole time I was trying to make comments that would lead to a real conversation. It didn’t work.

To make a longer story short. The information I gleaned from this man is that he rents a room in Kingston from an old woman. He’s on his third internship in his field but it pays minimal. He comes home on the weekends because his mom does his laundry, cooks for him and sends him back with leftovers. That would be acceptable if the man was 24 or 25. He was 33.

(Recap about me: At this time I was 30, had owned a house for 9 years, had two kids, was going to college and had a job.)

It dawned on me that this man was acting like he was still in university, hence why it was all he could talk about. He didn’t seem to be taking life seriously at all. He seemed quite happy to let his mom take care of him and not try to get a better paying job. I think his internships fizzled out to no job because I think his bosses must have been the same thing I did in 45 minutes. He had no drive!

He asked me out again and I declined. I had no interest in taking the place if this man’s mom.

It’s over 2 years later and I still see this man on Plenty of Fish. He’s still using the same one picture that is now at least 4 years old.



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3 responses to “Man/Boy Peaked in School

  1. Sean

    Interesting experience. I wouldn’t be keen on someone who were ‘spinning their wheels’ either.

  2. That’s kind of sad … but it looks like you dodged a bullet.

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