Review: Ottawa POF Event – Atomic Rooster

The weekend of January 18th to 20th I was in Ottawa, Ontario. I was there to initially celebrate my birthday and it was suggested for the Saturday night that I attend my first POF Event. I was wary but I decided that if it went badly that at least it was in a city where no one knew me . (…and 3 hours from where I live. :))

The first thing I did was check out the event details on Plenty of Fish (POF). I saw that you could “Join the Party” by clicking on a button to say you were going. I thought it would be a good idea to show that another person I was going to the event.  My profile was hidden so I thought that it would just show an increase in the number of people attending. I think that was a mistake. All of a sudden I started getting e-mails from POF saying I was being favorited by a bunch of Ottawa men. Pardon me? Upon logging in and checking the “Who’s viewed me” I saw a long list of Ottawa men had been able to view my profile despite that it was supposed to be hidden. I checked my settings and yes, it was still hidden to the rest of the world. Hmm…

I thought about not going to the event because of this. I decided to go due to thinking that perhaps this was part of the experience. I’ve never been to a party, dance, or event where I had fore-knowledge of everyone (men and women) who was going to be there.

The event was held at a small place called the Atomic Rooster and started at 9pm. I arrived with a male friend a little after 10pm. The place was PACKED! I was surprised since it was raining/snowing all day and still was at that point. It was hard to even find a place to stand let alone sit down. We got some drinks and finally wedged ourselves between the dance floor and seating around. By the way, both bartenders make good Caesars as I had 3 of them while I was there. 🙂

I noticed first thing that it was an “older” crowd. I say older since I was turning 33 in a couple of days and many of the people there were about 40+. There were some that were younger but I only know this due to having viewed their profile after the fact (and only because they had viewed mine).

The music was loud enough to feel the beat but not so loud that you couldn’t talk. They played a good mix older tunes (Bryan Adams) and new ones (Gangnam Style). The dance floor was never completely empty. I did notice the token “grazer” (as I call them) who asks every woman to dance or joins in on women dancing together. Us women know who I’m talking about. It’s the guy who’s looking for a lonely woman to take home with him and he’s at every bar.

It appeared that many of the people knew each other or were friends. On the dance floor there were equal amounts of small groups of singles to couples. One man had a birthday announced that was accompanied by a large birthday cake complete with candles. The woman who made the announcement said she had met her friend on POF. I thought it was a nice gesture and it added to the friendly atmosphere.

I did have one annoyance though but I won’t fault the event for it. I was waiting for the bartender to make my drink when I overheard a man at the bar talking to his friend. Considering he was only about 2 feet away it was hard not to hear him.

“There’s not a whole lot of good-looking women here. There’s one over there, and over other and one riiiiight heerreee.” (I spelled it that way because he said it that way, ugh)

I glanced over in that direction and he was looking right at me. Yep, he was talking about me. A normal person would have said hello, he did not. He continued to talk to his friend. However, he did send me a message on POF the next day telling me how beautiful my eyes were (in the half a second he saw them) and that he was too shy to talk to me. Lost opportunity bud! 

All in all the event was friendly, decent music, no lack of dance partners and no cover. That being said I probably wouldn’t go again unless I was a little older or if I was planning on meeting someone there.

Questions, comments and requests for elaborations always welcome. 🙂



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4 responses to “Review: Ottawa POF Event – Atomic Rooster

  1. Sounds like a typical Ottawa singles event with typical Ottawa men who stare and don’t approach women! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

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