Part 3: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

I’m pretty quiet on the bus ride to the area where the POF event is being held. We get there and as I mentioned in my review of the event, it was PACKED! The first thing I did was get a drink, a wonderfully made Caesar, of which was gone in probably a minute. I get another, Sam has his beer and we find a spot to stand near the dance floor.

I’m starting to get into the music a bit and trying to forget the bullshit from earlier. I explained in the review that it was an older crowd at this event. Most of which were a lot older than us. There were some tables close to us and at one of them has a couple making out. The couple looked to be in the early 60s.

If one were to describe them I would accept sweet or cute. Sam turns to me and says, “That’s turning me on.”

I laugh and say, “You’re joking right?”

He says, “I’m not joking, ” and points down to the front of his pants. Oh my god…I’m not drunk enough for this.

Where the hell did the sweet, caring, NORMAL man go that I had initially met? All of a sudden he’s showing pics of other chicks, banging biddies, comparing me to an old ex, and being turned on by people who could be my grandparents? Am I being Punked? Seriously! Where is the freakin’ camera?

I slam back my second drink and get another. It’s while waiting on my third drink that I overhear the conversation I mentioned at the end the review I wrote in another post. Sam had gone to check out some of the art work (which was actually quite decent) and I went back to our spot. All of a sudden he comes back and and says, “Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“This chick took a sip of my beer and gave me a kiss.”


Then he proceeds to try and make out with me right then and there. Umm…no. I have no desire for this man to touch me. No way!

After this I start thinking that perhaps the reason he wanted me to come this event was to show the Ottawa women that he could get chick. The alcohol is not helping to quell my anger. Well duh. I find myself getting more and more pissed off. I knew I had to leave. We had only been there for about an hour but end up staying for 2 hours. We did slow dance to a couple dances and he held onto me as if it were the last thing he was going to do. I didn’t know if he was showing off or was just that into it.

The bus ride back was very quiet. If I had not been drinking that night I would have driven the 3 hours home. I changed into my pajamas (which I hadn’t worn all weekend so far) and sit on the couch expecting to talk.

Sam changes as well then picks up his cat, sits down beside me and says in his high pitched baby talk voice, “CatsName, how can we make MyName feel better?” More than once he said this as I refused to respond to a grown man who wasn’t actually talking to me.

We went to bed. I shared his bed but I would not let him touch me. I laid there until almost 5am thinking about everything. Sam has issues. Multiple underlying issues.

In the morning Sam gets up before me and makes coffee but doesn’t seem to want to talk about the night before.

I speak up and say, “Are we going to talk about last night like adults?”

And so we talk, kind of. He’s stuck on how he doesn’t understand why I’m upset about the ex comparison. Twice during the conversation he had to go to the bathroom but I don’t really think he was actually using it. From other conversations we had had about his work and from the one I was trying to have with him I definitely felt Sam has an issue with face to face confrontations. I wasn’t raising my voice and I had him confirm that I wasn’t.

As much as my mind kept wanting to focus on the bad I tried to compliment him as well. I told him I appreciated all the things he did like cooking and that I thought he was a terrific lover. I just can’t get passed all the weird shit that had happened that weekend. I even left/hid $100 in cash under his clothes to help pay for all the extra groceries, etc that he had bought for my arrival.

When I went to leave I did give him a hug and a kiss. I was sad and still am since I had started caring for Sam. He said he hoped I would change my mind once I had more time to think about it all. Later that night I logged into POF because I had gotten a message from that guy I mention in the review. I also saw that Sam was online. I deleted my account. I didnt/don’t want to deal with that crap right now.

He wished me Happy Birthday on Tuesday morning, my actual birthday. I thanked him and that was the last I heard from him until today. It had been 2 days since my birthday. I had missed our communication but I wanted to let things settle before I sent a message.

Sam’s attitude was a bit different this time though…

Click HERE for Part 4, last one I swear!



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2 responses to “Part 3: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

  1. Sean

    This is almost unbelievable! I’m eager to read the conclusion.

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