“Sorry, my phone died.”

We all lead busy lives. Well, most of us. Myself I’m either busy with my kids, work or doing some kind of house work. That being said when I get a message from someone on a dating site I can always find time to reply…if I want to reply.

Here is what happened to make me want to write this particular post. A man sent me a message on Plenty of Fish telling me he would like to chat with me. As I was working that day I wasn’t able to reply right away. By the time I did he had sent another message. That would normally annoy me a little due to lack of patience on their part but it was something nice to read.

Longer story short, we chatted on the site for a day or so before he asked if I would like to go for a coffee. I was game to go as he seemed to be all good when it came to my criteria. Then the messages stopped yet I could see that he was online on Plenty of Fish. As stalkerish as that sounds, it’s a feature of the site! That was a Wednesday.

Friday comes and I receive this message:

“Sorry, my phone died.”

I’m thinking that maybe he sent that message to the wrong person. It could happen. Although on POF it’s harder to do since the person’s picture IS right there. I didn’t reply to the message.

He sends another message asking me if I would like to go for coffee that night. That Night being Friday night. He just assumes I’m free….and I’m going to assume he had a date cancel for Friday and now he’s looking for a backup! Umm, no. I had to work night shift all weekend anyway and but even if I were free I would have said no. I thought it was quite rude!

I did, however, call him out on his frequent Online status. I said something to the effect:

“I’m sorry but I cannot accept that you’re telling me your phone died as this site does show me, and everyone else, that you are online.”

He replies, “I have the same problem you said you have with the pof app, it doesn’t seem to shut off.”

“If your phone is dead, it doesn’t transmit, ” I reply.

Something’s dead now…and it’s the air. No reply. Oh well. 🙂

There’s something to be said about a man who thinks us women are stupid….and there are too many swear words I could use for them. Instead, I’ll just say he was the epitome of Disrespect.


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One response to ““Sorry, my phone died.”

  1. thefroglyprince

    Gotta love when they try to keep the lie afloat. haha

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