“But…I Am a mom!”

I was recently reminded of something that happened to me last summer.

I had gone out dancing with my friend to a local bar (it’s That small of a town that we don’t have clubs) and was stopped by a man. He grabbed my hand and said to me:

“Wow, you look so much better in person!”

“Pardon me?” I replied.

“I recognize you from the dating website,” he said while he eyed me from head to toe. Kind of creeped me out at that point.


“I also want to tell you that you look too much like a mom in your pictures,” he says straight faced.

“But…I am a mom!” I replied and walk away.

At that moment my hair was down, I was wearing nice body hugging shirt and shorts as well a sexy pair of heels. Not something I wear every day but it’s fun to go out and look great. I don’t have to look like a mom ALL the time and I know this.

Later the man found me again, apologized and told me how awesome I looked. He tried to explain himself and as I was there to dance, I kind of only half listened at the time.

That fact that he commented about my pictures made me think a bit later. Now I don’t post pictures of my kids on the dating site but I do post pictures of myself in my normal clothes. My comfy American Eagle everything wear. I can write that I clean up nice but pictures speak louder than words, right?

I did end up posting a picture in my “evening wear.”

I hate to admit it but I think the guy was right about one thing. Not about me looking like a mom…but more because I Only looked like a mom. I tell people I have two personalities: Mom and Not So Mom. I guess I had show both!

That being said, I’m still single regardless. šŸ˜›


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