“User has been deleted.”


For those of you who use Plenty of Fish I’m sure you’ve all seen the title of this blog, “User has been deleted.” At first you think, what did that person do to be deleted? They seemed nice. You know what..they probably were, but they deleted their account of their own free will.

I deleted my Plenty of Fish account today (for the millionth time) and all the people I had talked to (and not blocked) now see “User has been deleted” where the conversation once was. I may have to contact POF about this. Perhaps ask them to add something to their code that differentiates between if the person was deleted by staff or deleted it themselves.

I wouldn’t care so much if I lived in a big city….but I do not.


For the record, no, haven’t found a man. Just tired of it all…until I get bored again and go back on. I did get a little offended when a guy sent me a message saying,

“You’ve been on here a long time, what’s wrong with you?”

Ha! More like what’s wrong with you?!? …and the rest of the hard drug smoking, jobless, sex crazed men which is the epitome of what this area has to offer. This guy listed himself as “unimployed” , had a complete list of all the video games he likes to play and had a picture of himself with drug paraphernalia in the background.

Yep, what’s wrong with me….



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4 responses to ““User has been deleted.”

  1. Not So Sex in the City

    Every time I decide to close down my dating account, someone completely fabulous comes along and messages me and I get tempted enough to check it out. Just like now … Pffft! I will be honest though – I see a lot of men on the website a lot, and I have noticed them on there for a long time too which leads me to think “What’s wrong with you?”…. The only problem with this is that they are probably thinking the same things about me too. I just never thought about it that way. My bad.

    • I laughed at your response because I’m guilty of “What’s wrong with you?” questions too. My friends and coworkers don’t understand how I’ve been single for so long. Most have read this blog or heard the stories of the people I have met first hand. I just won’t settle for what isn’t right for me…again. This may be the case for those seemingly decent guys we still see on the dating sites…either that they are just manwhores. (Oh god, I hope they don’t think that about me/us too!) lol

      • Not So Sex in the City

        Hahahaha! It’s okay. Us singles gotta stick together. I don’t think there’s something wrong with you…. Yet 😉


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