TMI His EX with Screenshot


I think there were two messages before I asked this man what made him try Plenty of Fish. As you can see the conversation went totally awry at no fault of my own. I even warned him that he was giving me too much info….yet he still gave me more. This man is obviously still hurting and should spend some time with friends and family before he tries to find himself a woman.

It is my experience that if someone has verbal/textual diarrhea when it comes to their ex then they ARE NOT over them.

Am I wrong?



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4 responses to “TMI His EX with Screenshot

  1. Yes you are wrong, guys don’t think before speaking you asked a question and got the answer before it hit the brain mouth filter, thats why the chat function screws up a good possibility before it starts . Have I met great ladies on pof yes ,have I met a few train wreaks , oh yeah .. I know the difference between letting that particular impulse to blurt the sentence before it hits the brain mouth filter and still tell a truthful statement over vomiting facts . You ask for honest and respectful conversation from someone looking to date odds are that person was hurt at some point to delve into trying pof to begin with ,if that person is just being honest with you ,get to know them before discarding them So easily. .

    • I will admit the man was being honest so that is a plus…but I’ve been single 3 years and had my fill of men who aren’t over their exes. I’ve attempted to start something with a newly single man Twice, it just didn’t work. People need to take the time to heal themselves.

  2. Yuck, yeah no thanks. NEXT!

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