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TMI His EX with Screenshot


I think there were two messages before I asked this man what made him try Plenty of Fish. As you can see the conversation went totally awry at no fault of my own. I even warned him that he was giving me too much info….yet he still gave me more. This man is obviously still hurting and should spend some time with friends and family before he tries to find himself a woman.

It is my experience that if someone has verbal/textual diarrhea when it comes to their ex then they ARE NOT over them.

Am I wrong?



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Isn’t That the Truth!

stupid ex



One of my Facebook friends shared this to my wall yesterday and I just had to laugh. I could have written this myself. There’s just something about rose coloured glasses that make us so Stupid. Love truly does make us blind. You would think that we would learn from our mistakes….but no. ¬†Sadly men keep coming up with different ways to trick us into be Stupid….or maybe we just let them.

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