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It’s No Accident


I saw this word picture and it rung so true to me. It is especially true when it comes to dating. Every date and every person you meet has something to teach you even if you don’t realize it at the time. They could be teaching you something about yourself like I did in This post or it could be something totally random.

For example, I met a man about a month ago for coffee. We had absolutely no chemistry and parted ways never to contact each other again. That being said, he taught me how Not to set my Tim Hortons coffee cup on fire in the microwave at work. I tried the technique and it totally worked! I use it every shift! One of those things where you wonder how you didn’t think of it yourself but never quite pieced it together. (btw, I’m aware the cup says don’t microwave but I’m not allowed to leave work to get fresh coffee from the shop…and who likes cold coffee unless you specifically order it with ice!?!)

Have you ever learned something totally random from a date that you still use? Let me know in the comments or on the Facebook page. ūüôā


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Slap You Silly

I’m sitting here and I’m thinking about some of the things guys do when dating that makes me want to slap them silly. So, here is a list.

Guys who say they love to try new things but WON’T try new things….I’m going to slap you silly.

Men who think they are better than you just because they have a nicer car, yet live with their parents…oh you bet I want to slap you silly.

The guys who think that they still look like they did 10 years ago. Are you kidding? Really? I look at the picture, washboard abs, I look at you, beer belly. Really? Slapping you silly is a must. Or maybe someone already did if you think you still look like that!

The guys who think they are ready to date when they are only separated from their wives(if at all) for two weeks. Not only am I going to slap you silly, so is YOUR wife! Because that’s what you just called her on our first date. WTF!?!

The guys who call me a bitch for telling them I WON’T have sex with them after them sending me ONE message telling me they like my legs. Yeah, every woman should slap you silly….. in the junk….with a hammer. Just sayin’.

The guys who send messages out to so many women they don’t Remember who they have messaged before….and been rejected. Not only am I going to slap you silly but your keyboard should too…and your mother who lives upstairs.

Just when I think I’m about done, I can’t forget the guys who send messages just after the bars close and are trolling the dating sites for sex. If you’re that fucking ugly that you can’t pick up a leftover at the bar….you need to slap YOURSELF! When I say Ugly I’m not talking about looks. It means your personality and attitude is so horrible that even the drunkest chick wouldn’t come home with you. It’s not like she could see anyway!

So..in conclusion, there are lots of reasons why men need to have hand prints on their faces. Any men out there have reasons why women should be slapped silly? What do we do that makes us slap/spank worthy? Ha…see what I did there? I said SPANK..which most men associate with sex….they have forgotten what they were mad about. ūüėõ

There may be a time when I will add to this list, any suggestions?


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Part 1: Mr. Multiple Underlying Issues

I was going to hold off on writing this post in hopes of salvaging a friendship. Sadly, the person I’m going to write about gave me the “go ahead” by telling me off via text message. It was unprovoked and quite juvenile.

Let’s start at the start:

Over the last 8 months or so (he said the last year so not sure) I had been contacted more than once by man who lives in Ottawa. This is approximately 3 hours from where I live. He had an interesting profile and he looked decent. We would chat a bit on Plenty of Fish(POF) but I would always dismiss him politely saying the distance was just too far. He would always joke that I should move there.

I’m going to call him Sam so I don’t have to keep calling him “this man.” Over the Christmas holidays Sam and I had started having brief chats again. Nothing too serious.

It’s New Years Day and my last guest had just left. I was thankful that the festivities from the night before did not leave me as hung over as I should have been. I decide I’m bored and feel like going on a road trip. I have a friend in Kingston (an hour away) who I have stayed with from time to time. I figured I would head in that direction and see what happens. I packed a backpack with my hair and tooth-brush as well as a change of clothes. I got in my car and drove.

It was then that I got a “Happy New Year” message from Sam on POF. My phone is equipped with speech to text so I was able to tell him that I was having a road trip and heading in his direction. Somehow I got it into my head to drive the 2hrs passed Kingston to Ottawa to meet Sam. I think it might have been the fact that it was a new year, new people, new…something. Or maybe I was trying to finally get Mr. Feeble Heart out of my system.

When I stopped for gas I sent my phone number to make speech to text easier. We arranged to meet at pub style restaurant to have dinner and drinks. I arrived a little after 6pm. I was thankful that Sam looked like his pictures after that long drive. We sat there and had a great conversation for over 3 hours. I liked him right away. It’s not very often someone can actually have a conversation!

It was about 9:30pm when Sam politely suggests that he doesn’t think I should drive home so late. To make a longer story short, I didn’t go home. I took his invitation to stay at his place. We watched Ted (hilarious btw) and talked even more. I may have taken the spirit of “new things” a little too far in that he didn’t sleep on the couch as originally planned. I was very pleasantly surprised in this department. ūüėõ

The next day I left around noon as I had to work at 7pm. In my head I’m thinking that I’ll probably never hear from him again because…well…the night before…and we had just met…yeah…some regrets there. I was happily wrong.

He blasted my phone with texts in a good way from the time I said I was home until halfway through the night while I was at work and he finally went to bed. I was off the following weekend and we made plans for him to come to my home. The texts never felt like too much or too little. Just the right amount of communication. While he was here I made him dinner and we attended an OHL game for my local team (he’s a huge hockey fan). Despite the distance things seemed to be clicking very well….or so I thought.

My birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks and it was planned that I would come to his place for the weekend since my kids would be away. In that two-week wait we texted up a storm about what we would do. Everything from possibly skating on the canal, shopping and going out to a pub to watch the his favorite NHL team play their first game (as the NHL lockout was finally over). The only odd thing at that point was him suggesting we attend the Ottawa POF event the Saturday night. He said he had gone to one the month before and thought it was “pretty cool.” I initially said no but changed my mind as I thought perhaps I could write a review on it….of which I did here.

Needless to say I was very excited for this weekend……

Click HERE for Part 2 as this post is getting rather long.

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Mr. Tall Tales

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

We all know someone who tells a story where you can believe most¬†of what they are saying but not all. There is always that¬†little embellishment at the end that totally makes you think,¬†“yeah, right.” You smile, and nod and maybe pretend that¬†you’re wowed, while you’re thinking, “this person is full of¬†shit!”.

This brings me to the man who I like to call Mr. Tall Tales. We met on the dating website Plenty of Fish. Although only separated for 6 months, I took the plunge and decided to give this man a chance. We chatted on the site for a bit before exchanging numbers. As I work long shifts it took about a week before we could get together for a coffee.

Upon meeting, ¬†the conversation went well and he definitely had¬†the gift of gab. I like that in a man….if I can believe¬†what they are saying. It wasn’t until we got to a subject I¬†knew a lot about that I started to notice something was odd¬†about this guy. We have the same cell phone, same carrier….and he tried to tell me that he had a version of the¬†phone that I know for a Fact is not available here. (I had wanted it myself.) I asked to let me see his phone so I can¬†verify what he said but also if it were true, I wanted to see¬†the phone in action. He then quickly changed the subject.

There was also the seemingly tall tale when it came to the subject of my car. I had mentioned I needed a certain part for it and about the expense of it. Mr. Tall Tales insisted that he could get that part for a low price…so low that I couldn’t even get that price at the wreckers. (I know, I called every one of them in the area.)¬†Rather than tell him I don’t believe some of the things he says, I just left it. If he truly wants to believe what he’s saying, pointing out isn’t going to do anything to change it.

All in all this man seemed super nice and friendly, but I think we all have come across something or someone who seems too good to be true. The sad part about that, it usually is.

If it’s so easy for him to lie about small things, what else is he or could he be lying about? Was he even really separated? etc, etc…

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Who’s The Other Girl?

Him: “hey how’s it going whos the girl with the black mask?”¬†(copied and pasted from original message)

Me: “…so you messaged me to ask me who I blocked out in my photo?” (no response)


In one of my photos on my dating profile I’m with a friend. To protect her privacy I blocked out her face with PhotoShop. She is also on the same dating site so I didn’t want people to think that I was into the same things she is into.

I think this guy was able to establish in one brief message that not only is he an idiot for asking who she is, but also that he’s blind. Black mask?

Wow, it’s only Thursday…

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Online Dating Profile – Top 7 Assumptions about You

  1. ¬†No Picture – Either you’re hiding something (married or whatever) or you’re the fat guy who selected the “Athletic” option to see what he could catch.
  2. One Line Messages – You just looked at the pictures and that’s all. Also you really don’t have much to say because you didn’t read or want to read the profile.
  3. Pictures vs. Profile – You say you don’t party anymore, yet your pictures are all party pictures? Really?
  4. Old Pictures – If it’s 2012 and your picture has a date stamp of 2009 and before… it’s old. There’s a good chance you don’t look like that anymore. (Gained or lost weight, haircut, etc)
  5. Activity – You say you like to be active but you list all the shows you like to watch on a weekly basis. Really, who are you kidding..?
  6. Type/Talk to Text – Do you talk like you text? If you have a keyboard with all the letters…wouldn’t it make sense to use them? (side note: Do you purposely leave the “h” off of “with”? Misspelling a word to make it look how you say it does not make you seem intelligent..sorry..
  7. You live Where? – People who message people hours away to meet but have no means of transportation. Have you seen the price of gas lately? Let’s be realistic.

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